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Berlin 1937

“Berlin 1937. In the shadow of tomorrow.” is the name of the new exhibition in Märkisches Museum.
The year 1937 was characterised by a false sense of calm in Germany – including Berlin.
What was the city like for its residents as they went from their homes to school or to work, to the church or to the synagogue, to air raid exercises or to dance? What changed under Nazi rule; what stayed the same? What were the consequences for individuals and for societal groups? And: To what degree was it possible to recognise the system’s criminal nature before the war and the Holocaust began?

A collection of unique, never-before displayed original objects, historical photos, documents, sound recordings and film excerpts demonstrates the deceptive normality under the Nazi regime. The exhibition takes a multi-media approach to give deep insights into life in the city at that time from a broad range of perspectives.

To be seen from 25. February to 5. April 2018
in: Märkisches Museum, Am Kölnischen Park 5, 10179 Berlin

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